Organic Hemp Seeds 8 oz.

Organic Hemp Seeds 8 oz.

  • $14.99


Our raw hemp seeds are very nutritious, have a tender crunch, a rich nutty flavor, taste great and are extremely healthy for you.

 These seeds are shelled without using any heat in the mechanical process. They can be added to any drink or smoothie, or in yogurt, breakfast cereal or in recipes like bread or other baked goods for a great protein & omega boost.

These nutrient rich seeds contain more protein and omega then Flax or Chia, and have 10 grams of protein and 11 grams of omega in a 30 gram serving. There are approx 8 servings per pack and 180 calories (140 from fat) per 30 grams.

Hemp seeds are one of the most healthiest foods you can eat 

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