CBD Alternate Vape Kit with 3 Flavors to choose from!

  • $59.99

CBD Alternate Vape Kit in 3 Flavors! Choose from Mint, Citrus and Kush! This complete kit is all you need to begin vaping high potency CBD. Containing 250mg of high quality CBD hemp oil, natural plant terpenes and free of THC. Instead of using PG or VG, Alternate vape has used an all natural MCT (fractionated coconut oil) base.

 The portable vape kit has all you need: A battery, USB charger and a pre-filled Vape cartridge. The cartridge can last between 300-500 puffs depending on how much you use per puff.

After you have exhausted the cartridge, you can replace it with a Vape Shot refill, which is the same sized cartridge that came with the kit. Just twist the cartridge off and the new on on, and discard the old one.

This Vape kit is an automatic system that has no buttons to press, just inhale, and it shuts off when you stop. The battery will only be on for 10 seconds maximum, then auto shuts off.This system ensues it will not turn on when you carry it with you. When you inhale, there will be red lights on the bottom that come on, if they start to blink intermittently, or do not come on, just recharge the battery through the USB port, either in a computer, or a USB wall charger. When fully charged, the light will flash 10x, then stop.

The battery will also let you know when it is getting low, it will flash once when at 30% remaining, twice when 10%, and five times when empty.

This system eliminates the need to refill cartridges, making this a very simple and easy way to vape CBD without any mess.

MCT (coconut) Oil, CBD, Terpenes