CBD Alternate Vape Kit Vape Shot Refills - 3 Flavors to choose from!

  • $29.99

CBD Alternate Vape Kit Vape Shot Refills in 3 Flavors! Choose from Mint, Citrus and Kush!

These are Alternate Vape's pre-filled CBD hemp vape cartridge made for the CBD Alternate Vape Kit

These cartridges contain 250mg of high quality CBD hemp oil, natural plant terpenes and free of THC. Instead of using PG or VG, Alternate vape has used an all natural MCT (fractionated coconut oil) base.

 These 1ml cartridge can last between 300-400 puffs depending on how much you use per puff.

To replace a Vape Shot refill, just twist the old cartridge off and the new one on, and discard the old one. Be sure to put it on securely, which will prevent any leaking of the oil.


This system eliminates the need to refill cartridges, making this a very simple and easy way to vape CBD without any mess. 

MCT (coconut) Oil, CBD, Terpenes