1000mg CBD Hemp Oil Liposomes - Citrus Twist Flavor

  • $129.99

1000mg CBD Hemp Oil Liposomes - Citrus Twist Flavor in a 100ml/3.5oz Tincture bottle. Bottle contains 200 servings with 5mg of bioavailable full-spectrum CBD per spray. The bottle uses Miron violet glass, which blocks all wavelengths except the energising and enhancing violet wavelengths.

This amazing product uses 100% natural herbal and fruit extracts (including Stevia herb extract) designed to be a delicious way to take CBD without any bitter taste.

Rapidly dissolving Hemp Oil Liposomes is the fastest way your body can absorb CBD. The CBD oil is dissolved and embedded into microscopic liposomes, a very safe technology that increases the absorbtion allowing you to absorb more cannabinoids using naturally occuring phosolipids.

Hemp oil alone absorbs through the cell wall at a slow rate, requiring a higher dose to be effective, liposomes are a much more efficient way to absorb quickly through the cell wall. Liposomes attach to the hemp oil and transports them into the cell for the most effetive application and absorton fo CBD and cannabinoids.

Using the spray as a sublingual will also assist in faster absorption. Just a spray under the tongue using the dispenser is all you need for maximum utilization of CBD! Extracted using an Organic hemp CO2 extract tincture without the use of any chemicals.

Recommened use:
Each spray will supply 5mg CBD, as well as many other valuable nutrients.suggested serving is 5 sprays either under the tongue (sublingual) or in a glass of water (shaken) twice a day. You can always adjust this as needed.

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